Today’s Attempt | A purple eyeshadow look


It’s been ages since I’ve done a make-up attempt, so when I had a free afternoon, I was really excited to try one! This is my attempt at Net 2 Cosmetics purple/white eyeshadow tutorial:


I didn’t have quite the right colours so I improvised 😀 I used:

  • Go to Hell palette by Makeup Revolution (1. Purple)
  • Pure Colour Eyeshadow by Lomeou (White)
  • Extremely Thin Waterproof Eyeliner Pen by Lomeou (Black)
  • Sumptuous Extreme Mascara by Estée Lauder


  • Step one: Take your purple colour, add it just above your crease and into the outer corner. Blend it out.
  • Step two: Add the purple under your lower lash line from the corner inwards (to about halfway) and blend it out.
  • Step three: Add the white to your centre lid and up to the purple. Extend the white to the inner corner of your eyes and under your lash line to halfway.
  • Step four: Add eyeliner to your top lash line only and add a sweep of mascara.



  • Instructions: None, but it seemed easy enough!
  • Time: <5 minutes.
  • Look: I definitely didn’t get the colours right or get the purple up high enough (always my problem!) but the original look is so pretty!
  • Would I wear it again?: Maybe as more of a Christmas look.
  • Verdict: 3/5.

What do you think? Would you try this look? x

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