Today’s Attempt | A green/gold eyeshadow look

So September has arrived and brought sunshine with it, which is slightly annoying because I really wanted to attempt an Autumn/Fall look, but I’m going to do one anyway 😛

It was really hard trying to find inspiration for this one as a lot of the looks I found focused solely on lips or gold/red eyes; I’ve already done a gold attempt and I don’t own any red eyeshadows, but as I was about to give up looking, I found a lovely green/gold look which I absolutely loved.

It’s from Miss Natty’s Beauty Diary blog:

As I’ve said before, I only own about 3 green eyeshadows and they’re all dark shimmers, but I decided to give it a go anyway as I’m not trying to recreate the attempts exactly, I just want to expand my makeup skills/knowledge 🙂

For this look, I used:

  • Storm palette by Sleek (1. Thunderstorm, 2. Storm Cloud and 3. Dust Storm).
  • Glam’eyes liquid eyeliner by Rimmel.
  • Sumptuous Extreme mascara by Estée Lauder.


Step 1: Apply gold (colour 1) all over the lid and just above the crease – An easy first step!

Step 2: Apply green (colour 2) over the lid and a highlight over the brow bone – It’s not going too badly.

Step 3: Apply a darker gold colour (colour 3 – which I appreciate is more of a brown/gold colour, but it still worked well) to the crease and blend out – I’m getting quite good at the blending out bit now!

Step 4: Apply the darker gold (colour 3) to the lower lash line. Add a thick line of eyeliner – I actually did the eyeliner well enough on the first go! I’m actually quite pleased with it, it almost looks symmetrical and I got the flick in there too 😀

Step 5: Add mascara to the top and bottom lashes and despair about the state of your eyebrows – the last bit is entirely optional 😛


Instructions: 4/5. The instructions are really clear and some of the photos even have arrows so you know where you’re supposed to be putting certain colours! The only downside is there are quite a lot of steps to follow.

Time: <10 minutes.

Look:  It’s definitely a bold, dramatic look. I think I’d wear it as more of an evening look, unless I was feeling particularly brave!

Would I wear it again?: Absolutely 🙂

Verdict: 5/5.

I’m a little disappointed the green hasn’t really shown up that well, but it was definitely too dark to really be using. I’m tempted to buy a green palette and try this look again! What green palettes would you recommend? x

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