5 Things I Wish I Could Tell My Younger Self


This is something I’ve been thinking about a lot, so I figured it was a good starting point to branching out my blog. I turned 31 this summer and there are so many bits of advice I wish I could give my younger self  so I thought I’d share a few with you all 🙂 The above pic is me at 17!!

1. Bravado is not the same as confidence:

NEtflix and chill

At 17 I thought I knew everything and believed I was untouchable. I had this massive air of confidence, but it really was all bravado and was to hide my hideous shyness and lack of self-worth. I remember attempting to flirt loads with a guy I had a massive crush on, but when asked me one day if I wanted to watch him work out at the gym, all I could say was “I have homework to do”, oh so, so lame! I used to wonder if he actually meant watch him work out or if that was today’s equivalent of “Netflix and chill”. (I had no idea for ages that that was a euphemism for something else by the way, I honestly thought it was actually watching Netflix and chilling out … I think I’m becoming old :P)

2. Some things really are best left in the past:

You know the kind of thing, what if I’d said yes to the work-out guy, what if I’d gone to uni, what if I hadn’t gone to the club that night etc. I used to spend a lot of time thinking “what if…” but it’s a rather pointless exercise, it’s almost like saying I’m not happy with how my life turned out and I’d like a do-over. The thing is, I’m really happy with my life right now and although I have no idea what’s to come I’m excited to find out!


3. Being a fan is fine, being an “over-the-top fangirl” is not:


Aged 16, I got into Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I watched the episodes over and over again, to the point if I watch it, I can still recite massive chunks of dialogue before it’s said, know what outfits the cast are going to be wearing in the next scene and often what music will be playing next. I spend hundreds of pounds on videos, DVDs, mugs, cups, clothing, a tattoo and even tickets to a convention to meet Spike and Drusilla (James Marsters and Juliet Landau). This in itself is entirely normal, but excluding people because they’re not into the same shows as you is ridiculous.

4. Sometimes it pays not to listen to people:


The boyfriend who didn’t like tattoos, the boyfriend who didn’t like redheads, the friend who didn’t like me seeing other friends, the teacher who told me I’d look like a lesbian if I got my lip pierced… You know what? Screw all of you, if it’s something I want to do, then I’m going to damn well do it! For the record, I currently have 5 tattoos, I had red hair for about 4 years, made friends with the people I was told to stay away from (I’m going to one’s hen party this Saturday!) and I got my lip pierced. So there!

5. Don’t worry so much:


I didn’t go to university, but I ran my own business aged 20. I’d never been on proper (abroad) holiday but I travelled to the USA on my own and went to Paris the same year with my mum. I didn’t move out of my parents until I was 27 but then I moved to Brighton and found my own feet. I had a series of bad relationships but now I’m with the most wonderful, kind, loving man I could possibly ask for. Sometimes it seems like life is throwing all these bad things, but just around the corner is an amazing opportunity, I wish back then I hadn’t worried so much about things.

What did you guys think of my first proper “non-beauty” post? Do you want to read more? What advice would you give your younger self if you could? x

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  1. I am a huge worrier too, and at times I really should worry less. I really enjoyed the post it’s nice to read something that I can relate to. I totally agree being a fangirl is ok when you are really young but as you get older its not as cool. Thanks for sharing, enjoyed reading.

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