A Quick Thank You


I just wanted to say thanks to the lovely Courtney at strawberrydream.co.uk. She recently relaunched her blog and was giving away loads of lovely prizes! And guess who only blimmin’ won??

I received two ridiculously cute notebooks which I almost don’t want to write in because they’re too nice, a bag of Strawberry Dreams (my absolute Roses favourites <3), an LYDC purse and pompom (I have an LYDC bag already so I’m chuffed to have a purse too), and two Yankee candles; in Vanilla Cupcake and Home Sweet Home (I’ve never actually owned Yankee candles before, they smell so delicious!)

They’re absolutely lovely prizes and I’m so grateful 🙂 If you’ve not checked out her new look blog yet, I suggest you do so at strawberrydream.co.uk and you can also find her on Twitter, Instagram, Bloglovin, Pinterest and YouTube 🙂

Which one would be your favourite prize? Let me know in the comments below 🙂 x

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  1. What a brilliant little giveaway! It’s so true blogging has seen my love of stationary go from 0-60 real quick hahaha! My fav is the notebook on the left! But strawberry creams/dreams are hands down the best in the Roses selection! Good on cadburys for getting their arse in gear and releasing a whole stand alone packet haha x

    1. I have so much stationery I never use because it’s too pretty!
      I agree with that. So many people hate them so I always get them all! Shame my boyfriend loves them too though x

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