Something a bit personal


I’m sorry that I haven’t managed to get a proper blog post up this evening and this is all a bit rushed and unorganised. It’s been a bit manic this week as we’ve been finalising details with our landscaper and our next-door neighbours. It looks like we’re starting our garden on Monday!Then unfortunately, J was advised to go to hospital yesterday because his body went completely numb and he was increasingly confused. They ruled out anything like a stroke or MS, but they don’t know whether it was migraine, a new symptom of his CFS or something neurological. His GP is hopefully referring him to the hospital for further tests and he has a CFS appointment next week!

Added to that, I had a stress migraine erupt during his GP appointment today, so had to go home to bed instead of work, luckily I had plenty of cat cuddles to help me.


Hopefully I’ll be feeling better this weekend as I have loads of ideas for posts! I hope you’ve all had a better week? x

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  1. I hope everything gets better for you. I’m also in a tough position in life rightnow, and stuff is just getting progressively worse. Just try to keep your sanity, and you head above water.. i know it can feel impossible sometimes.

    Take care girl

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