Miss Patisserie bath bake review


I had a horrible day at work recently because I got caught in a downpour; my shoes and socks were soaked and my trousers were soggy. I spent all day dreaming of a hot bath and then I remembered I had some bath bakes at home! I rarely have baths at home (I favour the shower) as we have one of those weird L shaped baths, so it takes more water to fill. However, a wet August day, and the prospect of having a new material to write about, gave me the perfect excuse to indulge. I decided to use this one:

I did make a video of me putting the bake into the bath; it did fizz but it wasn’t hugely spectacular, so I figured it probably wasn’t worth me showing you. (They do have other products which do offer the bath bomb explosion!)

The water went a lovely pinky/purple colour and the exfoliator part bobbed around shedding all the coloured bits; it felt like I was having a bath full of pretty confetti and I loved it 🙂

The smell wasn’t overpowering like I find with a lot of other “well-known bath bomb brands” and for that I was grateful. The exfoliator part was really good and there’s still some left for next time!

I’d not heard of Miss Patisserie before, but now I have, I shall definitely be trying out more of their products! I loved this one and I can’t wait to use the next one.  Have you tried any of their products yet? x

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  1. They look so pretty! I have only ever used another brand once and it left my bath all gritty (mind you that was years ago) so I will have to have a look for a Miss Patisserie one!

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