Making a bold choice

Having read loads of amazing beauty blogs recently, I’ve been inspired to break out of my comfort zone where make-up is concerned and try new things.  Rather than dipping a toe in the water, I jumped all in with new colour experimentation and this is what happened!

I bought:

I absolutely love this lipstick and it seems I picked a colour that’s right on trend; don’t ask me how, I kinda panicked and ended up picking a colour at random! For me it lasted a good 2-3 hours, that was with eating breakfast and having a cup of coffee and my lips didn’t feel dry at all at the end of the day!


I was a little disappointed that the blue didn’t show up as vividly as as I thought it would, but I love it nonetheless. It works really well with lighter eyeshadow colours. I’m really loving wearing it with a hint of blue eyeshadow too!


What’s your favourite bold colour make-up product? x

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  1. I’m trying to persuade myself in to more colour, it’s more difficult than it should be! I love that lip colour though, especially the price x

  2. Bold lipsticks is the best. I love them. And this one looks great on you. Good for you on breaking out of that comfort zone. I need to do that more to.
    (like comenting on blogs. I still get a bit scared doing that.)/love Ida

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