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I’ve always had a fascination with jewellery. When I was younger, I was given a jewellery roll full of necklaces and bracelets that I inherited from my grandma. Although they were beautiful, I was too scared to wear them in case I lost them. Plus everything in it is gold and I much prefer silver. Sorry Grandma.

As I got older, I started buying my own pieces and here are a few of my faves:

Heart earrings – I absolutely love these. J bought them for my birthday last year. They were custom made by Grains of Gold in The Lanes and are 18ct white gold with garnet stones. The jeweller was so lovely as I asked for a really deep red and he delivered!


Charm bracelet – I was given this as a baby but I’ve never really worn it. I used to ask my mum if I could just look at it and play with some of the charms as the wheels of the carriage go round, teddy’s arms move and the pumpkin opens to reveal a mouse. There are quite a few fairytale related charms, including; a slipper, a spinning wheel and a well.


Holly necklace – My parents got me this for Christmas one year and I love it. Because it’s a charm of my name 😀 It’s so tiny and delicate!


Pentacle ring – I bought this when I was about 15 from a little tiny new-age shop on the Isle of Wight with my best friend, Charlie. I wear it on my right thumb and it reminds me of going into town pretty much every Saturday with Charlie. As it happens, I’m currently at her wedding and I couldn’t be more proud <3


Watch necklace – This was the first thing I bought when I arrived in Brighton. I was staying with a friend for the weekend and we wandered through North Laine to get to his house. I saw this necklace and really wanted it. So I bought it. And it promptly stopped working


Claddagh ring – When I was 16, I was sat in my friend, Stacey’s bedroom. She had a giant poster of Angel on her wall. I was hooked and she lent me all the videos that she’d taped from the TV. In season 2 when Angel gave Buffy a Claddagh ring to symbolise his love for her, I knew I wanted one too. This is now my second one as the first one unfortunately broke. My parents bought me this version for Christmas a few years ago. I wear it on my left hand with the heart facing inwards.


Coral and pearl necklace – You may have seen this in the background of some of my blog posts. My Aunty Susan bought this for me when I was younger from The Lanes in Brighton, long before I thought I’d ever live there! I don’t wear it often as I’m worried about losing it, but I think it’s absolutely beautiful.


What’s your favourite piece of jewellery? Let me know in the comments below x

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