Update On My CBT For Misophonia


You might remember back in November I talked about having Misophonia and being excited to start my CBT therapy to learning coping strategies to be able to live with it better. If you didn’t read it and have no idea what I’m talking about, you can catch it here.

So, I had an appointment booked for Monday 7th December and I was really excited. That morning, NHS text me to cancel as the clinician was ill 🙁 I had a number to call to rebook, so I dutifully called it and asked the lovely woman on the phone if it could be at the surgery I’d been booked into before; she agreed and promptly booked me into a different surgery, nowhere near my house or work! I asked again and said I needed a very early morning appointment so I didn’t miss too much work. Was 11am okay? Oh ffs! After a lot of debate, I managed to get an appointment for 19th January (yesterday) and here’s how it went…

Badly. It turns out the GP referred me to a service that only deals with anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts and PTSD. I had to answer a series of long-winded questions about how anxious and depressed I was (answer: not at all). I have to say that the social worker’s face was brilliant as he tried to work out exactly what was wrong with me. After a brief chat, we ascertained that he really couldn’t be of any help but he sent me some websites to look into, and failing that, a private clinic might be able to help. At great expense.


I’ve decided to feel amused by the series of unfortunate events rather than be annoyed. I’m sure the nice man, Jim, would have helped if he could, but it was way out f his remit because the NHS dictates what’s suitable to be referred to their free service, then promptly refers all and sundry. For now, I guess it’s back to wearing headphones everywhere.

Have you ever had an experience with an NHS service that’s not quite turned out to be how you imagined; for the better or worse? x

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  1. Aw too bad this was of no help! I wonder if there might be a chat group / online support group dealing specifically with Misophonia? Maybe they can point you to some services. Our healthcare systems are similar (I’m in Canada) and most mental health services for things that aren’t “acute” are usually pay out of pocket (some coverage through work insurance). It’s just the way it goes…

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