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J and I started dating in November 2013, and after about a month or so, he said he was planning to take me away for Valentine’s Day! Not only was it exciting, it was also rather optimistic of him that we’d still be dating 2 months later! ๐Ÿ˜› He wouldn’t tell me much, except that I needed to take 5 days off work and have a passport. I had one but it had expired; luckily it was a great time of year to get a renewal and it arrived without any problems. I wondered if we were going to Prague as we’d both said we’d love to go there!

Packing proved difficult as I had no idea if we were going somewhere hot, cold, indoors, outdoors etc. All J would say was I should probably take jumpers, a coat and a bikini. ย I guessed we’d be going somewhere in Europe as we were only going for a few days.


Finally February arrived and it was a really early start. We got to the train station and I noticed the train we were getting on was going to St Pancras, so I wondered if we were taking the Eurostar somewhere. While on the train, J disappeared to the toilet and was taking ages, when I peered down the carriage, I could see one of his best mates on the train talking to him. My heart suddenly sank as I thought he’d arranged a romantic getaway for the two of us … and his friend. It put me in a bad mood for a while as I have set ideas of romance and hanging out with a third person isn’t high up on that list!

When we got off the train at St Pancras, his friend was nowhere to be seen. I mentioned to J about how bringing a friend would be awful, he got flustered and as we got to the top of the elevator, two of our friends were standing there waiting for us and another couple! I suddenly realised it was a group couples holiday (there were 3 couples in total) and was actually really happy! It turned out the boysย had organised everything! The girlsย had no idea where we were going!! (I did later apologise for being a grumpy mare!)

The only thing I was right about was that we were taking the Eurostar! We had to change a couple of times and at one point the guys said we had to swap for a coach which would take about 3 hours! When we got outside, we were really confused, there was a massive sign. It said DISNEYLAND! When we realised that’s where we were going, we all cried!!



We stayed in New York, New York hotel for 4 nights and had such an amazing time! I got a cuddle from Pluto ๐Ÿ™‚


We went into the park:

Very-happy-faceWe watched all the parades, I got to see my favourite Disney princess, Aurora <3



We stayed to watch the evening show, it was absolutely magical:


We checked out Sleeping Beauty’s castle:




I got to meet some more Disney Characters:



I did some shopping (I only bought the Tigger gloves in the end):




We went on all the rides:

Aerosmith Mine-train Pirates

We had a romantic Valentine’s Day andย J even bought me a hand-blown glass rose from Sleeping Beauty’s castle <3


It was such a lovely holiday and Disney was so much fun! Maybe one day if he feels up to it, we’ll go back there ๐Ÿ™‚ What’s been your favourite holiday or memory? x

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