Things To Do In East Sussex | Drusillas Park

This year, I really want to start taking advantage of local attractions in and around East Sussex. When I was 14 and my family moved to the Isle of Wight, me and my mum spent every Saturday checking out all the fun things to do (while my dad was at football training). When I moved to Brighton just over 5 years ago, I didn’t really have the funds or time to explore 🙁 But now I have both, I want to start seeing what’s on offer and sharing it with you, so that if you’re planning a trip to East Sussex, you can see what’s around!

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“You Time” With Clinique

Last Thursday I had the pleasure of being invited to a Clinique event at Debenhams (in Brighton) for an evening of fun, food and trying out some of their new products.

Well, except I made a slight error as I thought the event was actually on the Thursday before that and dragged Áine with me all unnecessarily!! (Although we also had the Hollywood Bowl event that evening as well, so at least we didn’t leave the comfort of our warm houses for nothing!!)

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Roasted Vegetable Couscous Recipe | Co-op And SORTEDfood*

Roasted Vegetable Couscous

For years I’ve been saying that a lot of people just don’t know how (or can’t be bothered) to cook anymore and it’s bloody terrifying. I did a food technology GCSE and instead of learning basic skills like different ways to make eggs or how to cook different meats, (you know all the important life skills), we spent hours learning about how a microwave works. Yeah thanks education, that really came in handy.

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Soapbombs Haul #1

So remember I said in my Lush haul post that I hadn’t managed to get any of their Christmas bath bombs? And then I said I’d picked some up from Soapbombs and I was going to do a post on them … Well despite it being so close to February, I thought I’d share these absolutely stunning Christmas-themed bath bombs with you.

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Easy Fish Pie Recipe

Fish pie slice

I’m back with my first recipe post of 2017 and I have to say, it’s a blimmin’ delish fish dish. (I’m not even sorry … Well okay, maybe a little bit. I feel ever so slightly ashamed)

I do love a nice fish pie, especially on a cold winter’s evening, and with a nice bit of garlic bread on the side! I like to make this on a Saturday evening so we can have leftovers on Sunday and I don’t have to cook again #resourceful #lazy

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Getting Organised With Personal Planner*

Personal Planner.jpg

When I wrote my blog goals for 2017, I said that I wanted to stay more organised this year, as I found keeping a list of which posts were going out and when really helped me. (Yep, before I started writing them down I had absolutely no clue and often published loads of the same types of posts in a row. Which might work for some people but I love mixing my posts up a bit.)

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Lush Haul #1

One of my Christmas presents last year (okay, it really doesn’t seem possible that Christmas was last year already!!) was a very generous Lush voucher from my big brother ♥

Unfortunately I wasn’t in time to use it to grab any of their Christmas or sale bits (which is okay because I picked up a few Christmas bits from Soapbombs instead- there’ll be a post on that to come very soon), but I had great fun spending some of my voucher anyway. I know quite a lot of you love Lush too, so I thought I’d share what I picked up!

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Trying Products From Blogger Goody Bags | Part Two

Blogger goody bag products.jpg

Back in November I wrote my first post about trying out some of the products from all the blogger goody bags I got last year! I figured it was a good way to actually remember to try all the lovely things I’d been given, rather than just keeping them in drawers out of the way!

Well since the first post, I’ve been rooting through my chests of drawers (Yes, chests. Plural. I have two chests of drawers full of products!) to find more products to try out. And I thought I’d share with you what I’ve been using for the last couple of months.

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