My favourite scents


I have a few perfumes and body sprays (and one aftershave) that I absolutely love and I thought I’d share them with you ūüôā

  1. Impulse body spray Temptation. ¬†This is a really lovely peach and vanilla smell which reminds me of lovely summer¬†days. ¬†I recently sprayed some at work, everyone loved it and went out to buy a bottle for themselves! ¬†It only costs about ¬£1 which is brilliant but the downside is that I find the smell doesn’t really last very long and you have to top it up throughout the day.
  2. Marc Jacobs Daisy. ¬†I absolutely love the bottle for this one, it looks so pretty ūüôā It was a Christmas present from my brother (I usually find other people choosing smells for me doesn’t always work) but¬†I genuinely¬†love this one. ¬†It’s fresh and floral, a real spring/summer scent. ¬†It has notes of strawberries, violets, jasmine and vanilla.
  3. DNKYBe Delicious. ¬†This is probably my favourite perfume and I love the fact the bottle looks like an apple! ¬†The perfume, unsurprisingly, smells of apples with “exotic flowers and sensual woods.” ¬†I think it’s a really fresh, clean smell and again, it reminds me of a warm spring/summer day.
  4. Impulse – Tease. ¬†I’ve not worn this one for ages as it got lost in the move (last year) but I recently found it and have been wearing quite a bit. ¬†The bottle says it is¬†red fruits and woods?! I have no idea if that’s what it smells of, but I do know it smells gorgeous!
  5. Prada Amber. ¬†My best friend gave me this in a gorgeous pre-wedding package (her wedding, not mine!) which was really sweet. ¬†It’s a little tester bottle, but it goes a long way. ¬†It’s a really traditional-smelling perfume with a really woody smell and hints of patchouli¬†and sandalwood. ¬†I’ve not worn this much as I think it’s an evening/date kind of perfume, but I wore it for her¬†wedding and I was complimented a lot!
  6. Issey Miyake L’eau D’Issey. ¬†I know that this is an aftershave, but I really like it. ¬†It’s a lovely crisp citrus fragrance with sandalwood notes. ¬†I used to wear it all the time and there’s not much left now. ¬†I haven’t worn it in a good three¬†or so years, purely because my ex-boyfriend used to wear it as well and I don’t really want to be¬†reminded of him ūüôĀ

It definitely seems as though I like perfumes that smell of flowers and food; vanilla, peach, citrus, red fruits and apples!! ¬†I’m definitely not a fan of heavy musks though.

What are your favourite scents?  Do you have different perfumes/scents for different months? x

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