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I absolutely love my Bear and I have so many photos that I wanted him to have his own post!

Three years ago on Tuesday, I set out with my then house-mate on a road trip to Kent to pick up a kitten, which was a belated birthday present from all my house-mates.

When the day finally arrived (I had been waiting three months by that point) I was so excited. I didn’t know what he was going to look like or even if he was a boy/girl at that point. My house-mate’s friend had picked up him for me and was holding on to him at her house.

We arrived at her house and there was a little, tiny black and white ball of fluff jumping round the floor.


As you can see, he still had his stripes and was utterly adorable! I decided to call him Sirius Orion and he headed back to Brighton to begin life in his forever home! We soon discovered he was riddled with fleas and dirt, so I popped him in the sink and washed him. He absolutely loved it! (Ahaha, yeah right, he hated it and wriggled and squirmed!)

Once he was dry, he had a good explore round my bedroom and promptly fell asleep, exhausted from running about smelling everything. At this point he hadn’t quite grown into his ears!

He loves getting into mischief and when one of my house-mates and I moved into another house together, he promptly fell off the balcony (3rd storey) and broke his leg. Three months, countless casts, living in a cage and around £800 later, he was absolutely fine, although he does limp slightly when it’s really cold!

He managed to stand on the lid of my blue hair dye and paint his foot blue and once took great delight in rolling round on a brand new duvet cover of a new house-mate!

After J and I moved in together, Sirius somehow became known as Mr Squiffles, then SquifflyBear and finally just Bear. He absolutely adores J and thinks he’s the best Daddy ever <3

He loves stealing Daddy’s side of the sofa and being a remote control hog!

He loves boxes….

… cuddling under the duvet …


and Christmas! Look how excited he is 😀

Sometimes he makes ugly faces and sometimes he looks so handsome, but either way, he’s our baby Bear and we love him 🙂 <3

Sorry for all the photos, but I know most of the internet loves cats 😀

If you have cats, please get them neutured/spayed and microchipped! If you’re struggling to afford it, there are loads of animal charities about to help you 😊

Do you have cats or any other animals? Let me know in the comments below 🙂 x

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  1. Oh, he’s so cute! 🙂

    We’ve got 2 cats, our latested only arrived a couple of weeks ago. Our 15 year old cat Mika died back in August, so we thought it was time to get Leo (a half Maine Coon) a new friend.

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