#12. Friday Is For | My Bad Habits


Being a blogger and being pretty active on Twitter and Instagram, it’s easy to put up photos and posts that show me being awesome and at my best, but sometimes I’m really not. I have bad habits just like everyone else, so I thought I’d let you in on a few!


The worst one (from my perspective) is that I still occasionally suck my thumb; mostly when I’m over tired or feeling really ill. I started when I was a baby and had to give up at 14 when I had my braces, unfortunately after I got my braces off, I started sucking it again (hence why I have a gap between my front teeth!) I also have to rub my nose while I do it!


I’m quintessentially English when it comes to being a tutter. Whether someone’s pushed in front of me in a queue or someone keeps walking in my way when I’m trying to get past, I won’t say anything, I’ll just tut, loudly. (I’m also that idiot who’ll say “you’re welcome” really loudly  when someone hasn’t said thank you because I’ve held a door open for them! Honestly, what a dick.)MingeblimpI constantly play with my labret piercing with my teeth, which from a distance must look like I’m gurning like a goodun! I also spend a lot of time adjusting my septum keeper which definitely looks like I’m picking my nose!

The worst one from J’s perspective is my loud burping; it’s all coming out now (figuratively speaking as I’m actually writing this on the bus to work 😀). I regularly *impress* my friends with the volume; I’m such a delight!pissweaselI’m really bad for swearing, I swear like a trooper; especially the F word and the C bomb (sorry Mum!) I also absolutely love making up random swears like the ones above, they’re so much fun (although I have to credit my friend, Dan with mingeblimp)! I try not to swear loudly or at all in public, as I’ve become one of those adults who cringes when I hear people constantly swearing unnecessarily!

What are your bad habits? Are any of yours worse than mine? x

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  1. I’m similar with the whole dealing with impolite people. When I hold a door for someone or stop to let them pass and they don’t thank me I’ll loudly say ‘you’re welcome sweetie’. I’m such an ass 😀

  2. Hahaha! I love this post! It’s right up my street this Holly. Ok here goes: swearing yes, I’m so bad for that. (Love the making up swear words btw). That’s awesome haha! Burping yes! 😂 1 of my biggest pet peeves is rudeness & ignorance, I hate them both and yes I am a tutter and the 1 that also shouts “you’re welcome” haha! It drives me mad so much that I actually hate going out shopping, in fact so much so…I won’t even do a big shop like for Christmas etc the hubbi does that, partially because of my Social Anxiety too.
    I have a nose ring piercing that I am also constantly plating with and the ball I have the ring goes up my nose (haha!) So yes check on the what looks like nose picking too.
    Brilliant post, made me chuckle thanks Holly! 🙂
    LisaG XoX

      1. Haha I know that’s what I thought immediately as soon as I was reading your blog post. 🙈 Because I’m shy and I have issues with Social Anxiety etc a lot of people think I’m quiet and meek haha, until I come out of my shell and then I’m the total opposite 😂🙈 Xx

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