Pinkberry Frozen Yoghurt


When I went to the US in 2011, Pinkberry* was everywhere. So it was disappointing that the UK didn’t have any. Until now. They now have a UK flagship store in Islington, London and I went up to check them out on their opening day.

*side story* Before I even got there, I had a bit of a catastrophe. I was all for wearing my jeans until I stepped outside two hours before heading to the train station to find that it was boiling hot outside. I own the total of two pairs of shorts; one are massive and look hideous and the other are a lil bit too tight (they’re a size 8 and it turns out I am not.) So I hot-footed to Next, tried on ALL the shorts and picked up a pair I really liked. And two tops. I really like them so an OOTD might appear soon. When it’s stopped raining. Thanks England, you da best! Anyway… 

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Blogosphere Cover Reveal Party


Just over two weeks ago, the Blogosphere Magazine launched issue 9 and kept their cover star a secret until the big reveal. At a party. In London. Which I was invited to. Sitting on the train to London, I felt like the jammiest blogger that ever lived. Until I went to do a wee on the train and there was no toilet paper. Fume. Luckily I found a scrap in my bag. Phew.

After circumnavigating the tube and SoHo in a pair of vintage Clarks, not to be recommended FYI, I arrived at the venue and headed inside. Alone. Deep breath, you can do this Hols! You’re an adult. Apparently.

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Things I hate about summer


I’m seeing a lot of posts at the moment where everyone is talking about how awesome summer is. Now don’t get me wrong, I do love a bit of warm weather, exposing my pasty legs and doing a bit of sun worship (then staying out too long and looking like a little jelly baby), but there are also times when summer can be a right dick and here are my ten reasons why.

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Miller Harris | Citron


Back in March, I joined the #30plusblogs Twitter chat in conjunction with Miller Harris (#mh30plus) to talk about fragrance memories and how certain scents can remind you of a beautiful afternoon or an amazing evening (or smelling Lynx makes you think of being 15 and all the boys spraying cans of it on in the hopes of attracting a mate).

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Get a Wriggle On | Brighton


Whenever my parents or friends come to visit me in Brighton, my lack of knowledge on good places to eat is pretty shocking. I’ve actually taken someone to McDonald’s on Western Road before because I’m that bad at knowing where to eat! If you’ve ever been there, you’ll understand 😀

Then the lovely folks at Wriggle* got in touch and now I have a handy website and app which shows me deals from local eateries; whether it’s a café down a side street I’ve never heard of before or the best streetfood that everyone’s been raving about. 

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