My Favourite Sounds


I was at work last week heating up my Asda Smartprice ravioli in a can, don’t judge me, and I got a little thrill of excitement hearing the microwave ping. And despite having Misophonia, there are actually some noises which I love, which sounds weird, but bear with me and see if you agree with any of these!

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Working with Brands and PR Companies


I’ve been lucky enough to work on a few different collaboration projects now but I was terrified at the beginning that I’d do something wrong or there’d be some miscommunication somewhere. I’ve chatted to quite a few of you who want to work with brands but don’t really know where to start, so thought I’d write a quick guide. This is by no means the right or only way, but this is what I do. (This is just a guide for blog posts in exchange for product reviews as opposed to a sponsored post.)

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Prawn Pad Thai Recipe


Oh hey there lovelies, you kinda caught me on the hop, I had loads of blog post ideas for this week, but ran out of time to write any. So while I was about to make dinner, inspiration struck; I could blog about it! Crisis well and truly averted. And luckily for me, it was quick, easy and tasted amazing! (And yes, I know my presentation is a bit, well, shit, but I’m not exactly applying for Masterchef! :D)

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The Maker Club Pop Up Event


Saturday was pretty awesome to be honest; I met up with Tania, one of my lovely blogger friends and we hung out all afternoon. We popped into Boots and I resisted buying the new Maybelline contour stick and then went up to Debenhams because her friend heard a rumour that there was a Too Faced counter. The rumours were absolutely true and we met such a lovely lady who colour matched me for their foundation (but it was out of stock, boooo) and let us smell the Peach palette!! It really does smell like peaches 😀

We then popped down to 114 Church St, the pop up event space to meet Chloe. She owns CloClothes and  was there as part of The Maker Club. All the clothing is handmade by her and just looks incredible.

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Zoella Wonder Hand Review


I get really dry hands and usually have cracked skin around my nails, yeah I know, that’s so sexy, right? :/ I’ve tried so many hand creams and have either found them to be too greasy or have an overpowering smell.

I even stumbled upon a secret bathroom at work where they have a plethora of hand lotions and creams (I’m not kidding, there are about 10+ different bottles in there!) but none of them were doing it for me. They were either way too greasy or smelt weird; chocolate and orange was nice though.

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