You Know You’re An Adult When


Despite being 31, and 3 days off 32, I don’t really think of myself as a particularly adulty adult; however, there are moments in my day when I suddenly realise that yep, I’m a bona fide adult. Hehe, bona. Yeah, sometimes I’m definitely not an adult…

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The Thirty Plus Awards Night

We Are Thirty Plus Blog Awards.jpg

If you didn’t know, seriously where have you been because I put it absolutely everywhere, I was shortlisted for the Social Media Hero Award at the recent Thirty Plus awards! I decided I was going to head up there for the ceremony, and who better to take with me for moral support and all the craic but fellow thirty plus blogger, Aine. Yeah. Her. Again.

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Blogging | One Year On

Big Birthday.jpg

I can’t believe how fast a year has gone. I wrote my first, and pretty shit if I’m being completely honest, blog post on 6th August 2015. You can read it here if you really feel the need to 😛 When I started I didn’t really have any idea what my blog would become, or that I’d keep writing so regularly.

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Big Blogger Expo 2016


Two weeks ago I met up with the brilliant Aine (Honestly Aine) in London and we made our way to the Danubis Hotel in Regent’s Park for the Big Blogger Expo 2016. (Although we obviously stopped at 221B Baker Street too, because it would be rude not to!)

The Big Blogger Expo was set up by Lauren from Blonde Vision (who also runs Ldnmeetup) and it’s a great way to network with brands and bloggers.

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Sleek Solstice Highlighting Palette


I’m a little bit beyond excited. I’ve been trying to get my hands on this for ages but it’s been out of stock in all my local Boots/Superdrug stores every single time; not cool guys! Yeah, I know I could be a normal person and buy one online, but I love going into shops and getting to choose my own and not have to pay p&p!

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