Get Ready For Christmas | Party Prep

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We’re one day away from December. This is not a drill. Party season is pretty much here; those awkward office parties where someone snogs Tim from accounts, the New Year’s Eve parties that are exactly the same every year but you go anyway in the hopes that this year will be different and you won’t end up in the kebab shop where all the staff know your name and you only seem to be wearing one shoe.

Wherever you’re going this festive season, my five must-have party products will get you looking and feeling your best. Even if it does rain and Sandra from HR throws up in the new expensive bag you got for Christmas.

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November Favourites 2016

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I’m pretty glad to be seeing the back of November if I’m being honest because it’s been a bit of a roller-coaster month. But onward and upwards and all that jazz.

I’m really looking forward to December, especially Christmas, because I get to spend some downtime with J and my family. But before December happens, here’s a quick look at the things that I’ve been loving through November.

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From A Gap-Toothed Blogger

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I wasn’t going to write anything about this, but to be honest, it’s still making me feel angry.

Huh? What the hell are you talking about Hols? Well, if you missed me having a good old rant about it on Twitter last week, a company (who shall remain nameless but amusingly rhymes with crappy and vile) decided to run a poll. This poll in fact.

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No-Follow Links Explained

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Even though there are quite a few posts out there regarding no-follow links, I still see loads of people posting on blogging forums asking what they are, how to use them, why you should use them and what happens if you don’t.

So I’m going to explain it in my own Holly style of writing and hope to hell I make some sort of sense! You might want to go and make a cuppa before I start…

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Trying Products From Blogger Goody Bags


Since I started going to blog meets and events at the beginning of this year, I’ve accumulated about 6 drawers full of goodies! I always mean to get around to trying everything, but life and being forgetful lazy gets in the way. So I thought if I made blog posts out of it, I’d probably actually make an effort to try out some of the bits and let you know what they’re like!

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